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Make a fresh start in 2015 with a totally organized life! Nothing is better than a home that is easy to navigate with belongings that are even easier to find. Don't forget about your office, too - there are plenty of ways to keep your space neat for the most productive of workdays. Check out all of our New Year's resolutions for systemization, and get to organizing!

1. Throw away extra things you don't need.
1 扔掉你不需要的额外的东西
We've got a useful list of things to get rid of for a decluttered space.
2. Create a goal list.
2 设定一个目标清单
Keep yourself on track in the New Year with our rotating goal list DIY. You can easily change and update your goals with Post-Its for an up-to-date board.
3. Organize your closet.
3 组织你的衣橱
All it takes is three simple steps to get your closet in tip-top shape.
4. Specify a daily junk basket.
4 固定一个日用的垃圾筐
Putting a basket in your home where you can throw items that you would otherwise scatter all over the house is a great way to keep your home or office feeling clutter free.
5. Make assignment lists for everyone.
5 给每个人列一个任务单。
If you live with multiples people - be it kids, significant others, or roommates - make sure you create weekly assignment lists so that everyone can play their part in keeping your home orderly.
6. Craft a pegboard.
6 小钉板工艺
Our ombré geometric pegboard is a no-brainer that can be put together in an hour, tops. It's a stylish way to keep small items in their place.
7. Install bars on bathroom doors.
7 安装横木在浴室门上
Nobody likes damp towels lying all over the bathroom. Install some sleek bars on the back of your door so you have a place to hang towels without taking up space on your walls.
8. Place dividers in your drawers.
8 放屏风在你的抽屉里
You can buy plastic dividers at stores like The Container Store, or you can even cut up old cardboard boxes to create sectioned-off spaces in your desk, kitchen, or bathroom.
9. Print out a free calendar.
9 打印一份自由的日历
One of the most obvious tasks that people always forget is to get a calendar for the New Year. Luckily, we have a list of free printable calendars you can get a hold of right now!
10. Make these mason jar organizers yourself.
10 用这些泥瓦匠罐组织好你自己。
Our adorable DIY mason jar organizers will keep your kitchen in order as well as looking cute.

11. Organize your pantry by food group.
11 按照食物类目整理你的餐具室
You will be able to quickly grab whatever you need.
12. Paint your keys with nail polish.
12 涂你的钥匙用指甲油
Color-code your keys by painting them with nail polish so that you can easily tell which key goes to what.
13. Use ice cube trays as organizers.
13 用冰立方托盘作为容器
Bet you never thought of this one - ice cube trays are ideal for organizing small items like earrings, sewing materials, or office supplies.
14. Upcycle a plastic bottle for a charging station.
14 可循环的塑料瓶用来容纳充电器
This DIY for a charging station will keep your electronics in accessible places.
15.Use washi tape on your planner.
15 用记号笔在你的计划表上
Color-code you life by utilizing washi tape. It will stand out better than highlighters.
16. Make an emergency drawer in your desk at work.
16 做一个紧急事件的抽屉在你工作的桌上
Setting aside a space where you can grab items for any possible disaster will put you at ease and leave you feeling prepared.
17. Create these fabric-covered bulletin boards.
17 创造这些用纤维制成的公告栏
You can place these DIY bulletin boards all over the house for easy access to papers, documents, and schedules.
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